20 Mar

In the past decades we have seen the deterioration of traditional values and attempts to redefine basic institutions of our society. The Trump administration has applied a number pro-life foreign policy decisions and embarked on a path towards economic empowerment of women and families. Hungary's  eight-year program of ever increasing support for families is creating an environment where marriages and families are flourishing and abortion numbers are dropping. While some challenges differ in the U.S. and Europe with respect to demographics, the underlying questions remain the same. In order to nurture cooperation between our two countries and to promote thinking together, the Embassy of Hungary organized a pro-family conference in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on March 14, 2019.


In her keynote address, Mrs. Katalin Novák, Hungarian Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, presented the Hungarian Seven-Point Family Protection Action Plan, a new set of pioneering policies that are re-shaping culture, family demographics and the future of Hungary. Participants included civil society leaders from C-FAM, the Family Research Council, the Concerned Women for America, the Family Watch International, public policy leaders from the White House and the U.S. HHS, and elected and appointed officials of the Administration. 


‘Making Families Great Again’ in the press:

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