Renunciation of Citizenship

How may Hungarian citizenship be terminated?

Hungarian citizenship may be terminated by the applicant's own consideration, by renunciation thereof. The renunciation is a declaration submitted on the designated form, addressed to the president of Hungary.


Who may submit a statement of renunciation?

  • Hungarian citizens of legal age and of full legal capacity (over 18 years of age) residing abroad
  • A statement shall be submitted by the legal representative on behalf of any minors or persons with no legal capacity 

The statement shall also be signed by persons of limited legal capacity, that is, children over 14 years of age, provided that the application also affects them. Children of legal age must submit a separate application even if they live with their parents.


What are the legal conditions for the renunciation?

The Act on Hungarian citizenship sets out two conditions upon the acceptance of the renunciation:

  • the applicant shall reside abroad, which means that he/she announced that he/she had established residence abroad, and he/she has no residence in Hungary or has never lived in Hungary and
  • the applicant proves that he/she is also a citizen of another state, or is able to demonstrate the plausibility of acquiring foreign citizenship (he/she has received an official promise of citizenship).


Where and how the statement of renunciation may be submitted?

The statement shall be submitted in person at the representation in whose consular district you reside. Mailed-in applications will be sent back without further consideration.


Which form shall I fill out?

The form titled "Lemondás magyar állampolgárságról" ("Renunciation of Citizenship"). Please fill the form out with a computer or by a blue ink pen, with block capitals. Please use full names in the Hungarian name order, e.g., Smith John Thomas instead of John Smith or John T. Smith. When referring to US cities, please also specify the state as well.


Which documents shall be attached to the statement of renunciation?

In all cases, the statement shall be accompanied by the original

  • birth certificate,
  • proof of marital status (marriage certificate, final divorce decree, spouse's death certificate). If these have not yet been registered in Hungary, an application for registration has to be submitted,
  • proof of foreign citizenship documents (citizenship certificate issued by the competent authority of the foreign state or a valid foreign passport) or an official promise of citizenship,
  • if the renunciation statement affects minor children also, both parents must sign the statement (the statement must be accompanied by a non-custodial parent's approval, unless there are insurmountable obstacles to obtain his/her approval),
  • those applicants who have not previously terminated their Hungarian residence or place of stay, along with submitting the statement of renunciation shall initiate termination of their residence in Hungary.


How can I schedule an appointment?

To book an appointment, please contact us on the following email address with your request and a short explanation of your case:

Please note that you should reserve one slot per application submitted – for example, if you submit a renunciation of citizenship, the registration of a marriage, and the registration of a divorce at the same time, you should reserve 3 slots.