Today, there is a lively Hungarian community in the United States with a great number of Hungarian American cultural, educational, scientific, and religious organizations. The Embassy of Hungary and all Hungarian diplomatic missions in the U.S. dedicate special attention to these organizations and recognize their key role in Hungarian American relations. In recent years, the Hungarian Government has launched numerous programs and initiatives in order to strengthen the relationship with the Hungarian diaspora community and to help them preserve their Hungarian identity and cultural heritage. The Hungarian Diaspora Council was also established by the State Secretariat for Hungarian Communities Abroad in 2011. The Diaspora Council functions as an independent forum of organizations for Hungarians throughout the world. A great number of Hungarian American organizations are represented at the Diaspora Council that takes place yearly in Budapest.

For updates on governmental programs, initiatives, and news about Hungarian communities abroad, visit the “Hungarians Abroad”/ Külhoni Magyarok website. (Hungarian only)

To learn more about Hungarian American communities and organizations, we recommend the following websites: