• The American Hungarian Educators Association is a professional and scholarly organization devoted to the teaching and dissemination of Hungarian culture, history, folklore, literature, language, fine arts, music, and scientific achievements.
  • The American Hungarian Federation was founded in 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio as a national, non-partisan, all-volunteer, independent, non-profit, charitable, and educational 501(c)(3) organization representing the interests of its members and a broad cross-section of the Hungarian-American community.
  • The American Hungarian Schools Association’s key mission is to build and maintain a viable, interactive network between Hungarian American Schools based on close cooperation and mutual support. The association offers a forum for Hungarian American school leaders to discuss a number of education-related issues.
  • The Hungarian American Coalition (HAC) was founded in 1991 as a nationwide 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the key mission to mobilize and coordinate the talents and resources of its individual and organizational members to promote the interests of the Hungarian American community. The HAC is proud to be the community’s largest umbrella organization, representing more than 38,000 members.
  • The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF) was founded in 1976. It monitors the human rights conditions of 2.5 million ethnic Hungarians who live as minorities in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Ukraine, and who collectively comprise the largest national minority in Central Europe. HHRF is the only professional organization in the West devoted to the rights of these communities.
  • The Hungarian Medical Association of America, a voluntary organization of physicians and scientists of Hungarian heritage was formed to preserve, promote, and foster Hungarian medical traditions and ideals.
  • The Hungarian Scout Association in Exile was created for youth of Hungarian descent. Scouting makes it possible for young men and women to learn more about their Hungarian heritage, language, and culture.


For more information on diaspora organizations and communities nationwide:

  • Download the first-ever American Hungarian Community 2020 Yearbook. This new initiative was a partnership between the Hungarian American Coalition and member organizations American Hungarian Foundation and HungarianHub. The Yearbook is comprised of reports from 72 organizations, who created their own pages. 
  • Visit the  HungarianHub website, a nationwide online platform that provides information for Hungarians in the United States and brings together Hungarian communities (Hungarian only).