Registration of Divorce

Who can have a divorce registered in Hungary and how does that occur?

All Hungarian citizens whose marriage was dissolved by a foreign court has to have the divorce registered in Hungary.

The application may only be submitted in person, mailed-in applications will be sent back without consideration.

The application may be submitted at the representation in whose consular district you reside and during extramural consular days.


What to do if I do not yet have a Hungarian-issued marriage certificate of the dissolved marriage?

The registrations of the marriage and the divorce have to be initiated simultaneously.


How much is the fee?

You find information on the fee for the registration of the divorce, and any applicable fees (service fee for applications submitted during extramural consular days; also consular assistance fee is applicable in certain cases) HERE. If the Hungarian translation of the court order has to be authenticated, there is an extra fee in addition.

All fees are payable only by debit or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover).


Which form should I fill out?

You can download the form here.

Please fill the form out with a computer or by a blue ink pen, with block capitals.

Please use full names, e.g. John Thomas Smith instead of John Smith or John T. Smith.


What documents should I submit with the application?

  • The original Hungarian-issued marriage certificate,
  • The applicants must present their identity documents, and in the case of a non-Hungarian citizen, a passport or citizenship certificate which proves his or her citizenship. The Hungarian party shall present proof of Hungarian citizenship.
  • Final court order on the divorce with a Hungarian translation. The translation can be prepared by a US-based Hungarian translator or even the applicants themselves. In this case, there is an extra authentication fee in addition. If you were divorced in a country other than the US, please inquire in an email sent to to see if you will need to obtain an Apostille or diplomatic legalization or have the divorce decree translated to Hungarian by an official translator.


How can I schedule an appointment?


To book an appointment, please contact us at the following email address with your request and a short explanation of your case:

Please note that you should reserve one slot per application submitted – for example, if you apply for verification of citizenship, the registration of a marriage, and the registration of a divorce at the same time, you should reserve 3 slots.


If my divorce is registered, do I get my birth name back?

No, you have to separately request a name change.


What Hungarian governmental authority is responsible and where can I get more information?

If the marriage was officiated outside Hungary, the Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala (Budapest Metropolitan Government Office), if in Hungary, the vital statistics registration authority of the municipality where the marriage was officiated has jurisdiction.