Passport Applications

Who can and where can she/he apply for a Hungarian passport?

All Hungarian citizens can apply for a passport.

Your photo and your fingerprints are captured on-site when you apply for a passport; therefore, you will have to apply in person, at one of our representations, or during an extramural consular day.

The average processing time is 5-6 weeks. If you have no proof of citizenship, you must have your citizenship verified before applying for a passport. This procedure takes an average of 8-10 months but could take much longer.

Please do not plan any journey (i.e., do not buy flight tickets) before your passport is delivered! We cannot guarantee that your passport is delivered within the above mentioned average procedure time.


How much is the fee for a passport?

You find information on the passport application fee, also on the consular assistance fee is applicable in certain cases) HERE.

Please note that in the case of damaged or stolen passports, there is an increased fee.

In the case of in-person applications, the fee is payable only by debit or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover).


How do I prove my identity and my Hungarian citizenship?

If you have

  • a valid Hungarian passport, or
  • a valid Hungarian ID card,

these prove both.


If you have

  • a Hungarian passport expired within one year or
  • a valid certificate of citizenship

these only prove your citizenship; therefore, in addition, you shall prove your identity by presenting valid foreign photo identification (e.g., a US passport or driver's license). Information on how to prove your Hungarian citizenship can be found here.


Should I present my previous Hungarian passport with me?

If you have had a Hungarian passport before, and it is still valid, you will have to present it. If it was lost, stolen, or damaged, you will have to show a report on this or report it to the consul.

If you have a valid visa in your passport, you can request that we give the passport back to you after invalidating it.

If you plan to travel with your passport shortly after applying for a new one, you can do that. In this case, you will not get your new passport before submitting or mailing in your old one.


What other documents should I bring?

You will have to bring

  • your Hungarian address card
  • your Hungarian-issued birth certificate,
  • and also your Hungarian-issued marriage certificate if you wear a married name.

If you have a valid Hungarian passport, ID card, or driver's license, it is unnecessary to have your vital statistics certificates with you. For an application of a minor (under the age of 18), presenting a birth certificate is always compulsory.

If a procedure affecting your name (e.g., a marriage registration or a legal name change) is ongoing, your passport will not be issued before it is complete.


What special rules apply to applications of minors...


a) who are under the age of 6?

In the case of a passport application of a child under the age of 6, the Hungarian parent who can prove his or her citizenship can sign a statement, on the basis of which the Hungarian citizenship of the child will be presumed.

  • The registration of the child's birth has to be initiated in parallel with the passport application.
  • Your child will get his or her Hungarian passport before his or her birth is registered. In this case, however, the name of the passport will be the same as the name on his or her birth certificate (e.g., John instead of János). If this is against your will, do not submit this statement on the child's citizenship.


b) in general?

All passport applications of children under the age of 18 have to be submitted by both parents in person as a general rule.

  • If only one of the parents is able to be present, the other should sign this consent letter. His or her signature on the letter may be authenticated by a notary public or a Hungarian honorary consul (or a Hungarian consul, or by a Hungarian passport issuing authority, a Hungarian notary public, or a Hungarian guardianship office). If the signature is authenticated by a notary public, please obtain an Apostille certificate on it from the Office of your State Secretary.
  • Parents must identify themselves (preferably with a Hungarian passport, ID card, or driver's license of a Hungarian parent and a passport of a foreign parent).
  • A child under the age of 12 does not have to be present at the time of the application. Please bring a passport photo of the child in this case. The photo should have a white background.
  • If only one parent has custody over the child, a document (court decree or death certificate) must be presented as proof.
  • Please always bring the birth certificate of the child.


How can I schedule an appointment?

To book an appointment, please contact us at the following website: 


What biometric data does the passport contain?

Your passport will store your facial image and two fingerprints on an RFID chip. If you consent to have your fingerprints stored in a database in Hungary, as well, you will be able to apply for a replacement passport online in case your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged. 


I have urgent travel coming up. How do I apply for expedited processing?

Expedited passport processing is only available for applications submitted in Hungary.


Which Hungarian authority will issue my passport, and where can I get more detailed information?

The Belügyminisztérium (Ministry of Interior) is the Hungarian passport-issuing authority.


Forms for passport applications of minors


How can I get my new passport?

We send your new passport by mail. For safe delivery, please bring with you a pre-paid reply envelope.