Marriage in Hungary

Should you wish to get married in Hungary, please contact the district office of the town in which you intend to get married to ascertain the local marriage requirements. The district offices accept affidavits of civil status, birth certificates, and/or freedom to marry, all of which can be obtained through the US Embassy in Budapest.


Who can get married in Hungary?

A marriage – if legal conditions are met – can be contracted between a Hungarian citizen and any foreign citizen or a stateless person. Contrary to some states, a Hungarian residence or place of abode is not a precondition.

It is important to mention that a person with dual citizenship must be considered as a Hungarian citizen during the marriage proceedings if he/she has got Hungarian citizenship among his/her citizenships.


How do I declare my intention to marry?

The intention to marry shall be declared by a man and woman in person before the registrar, where the parties intend to contract their marriage. One of the spouses – only in case he/she does not possess a Hungarian residence – may declare his/her intention to marry before the competent consular official.


The registrar or consular official shall record the declaration of intention to marry. Before marriage, both parties shall declare that no legal impediment exists as to their marriage, and they shall verify that the legal requirements for their marriage are satisfied.


The registrar shall schedule the marriage for a date thirty days after the receipt of the notification of intent to marry.


If I wish to declare my intention to marry before the consul, what documents do I need to present?

Please bring the following:

  • completed application form
  • a valid picture ID (passport or drivers license)
  • a single status certificate, a divorce decree, or a certificate of death of the former spouse
  • application fee in money order payable to the Embassy of Hungary (click HERE for the current consular fees)
  • passport


The form will be forwarded by the Embassy to the office of the registrar in Hungary where the marriage will take place.


How can I schedule an appointment?

You can ask for an appointment directly through our Date Reservation System on the following website: