Authentication/Notary Public

When is consular authentication necessary?

For documents to be used (served) in Hungary, it is often required that the signature on the document is authenticated by a Hungarian consul. Authentic copies and translations prepared abroad are generally only acceptable in Hungary if done by a Hungarian consul.

As indicated on the website there are different alternatives to have a signature legalized on a contract or other official documents, therefore, it is advisable to contact the relevant office in Hungary concerning the preferred and accepted method prior to submitting a request.


Please note that we do not provide authentication and legalization services during extramural consular days.

How can I have my signature authenticated by the consul?

Authentication of a signature means that the consul establishes the veracity of the signature only, and not the content of the document, for which the Consular Section bears no responsibility. The document will have to be drawn up by yourself in advance. We are unable to assist you in drawing up or typing out the document.


What documents do I need to have with me?

You will need the document on which your signature will be authenticated and a valid photo ID. Please do not sign the document in advance, as it has to be signed in front of our consul. You find the consular fees applicable for each signature to be authenticated HERE. Fees can be paid only by debit or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover).


What other steps are necessary if I sign for a company?

If you sign for a company, please also present the certificate of incorporation issued not earlier than 30 days before, and a document establishing your signing authority.


How can I get a certificate of life for my Hungarian pension?

The Hungarian pension authority requests life certificates from time to time. The consul will sign these free of charge. Please bring the certificate document and a valid photo ID with you.


How can I have copies of documents authenticated by the consul?

Just present a valid photo ID, pay the consular fee, and hand over the documents for copying. You can also mail them to the representation in whose consular district you reside, in this case, please send the following:

  • the original document,
  • a copy of your valid photo ID,
  • a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope,
  • a cover letter requesting diplomatic legalization, and including your contact details,
  • this form for the payment authorization.

Fees vary on the number of pages of the document, so please make sure to check with us beforehand.


How can I have translations of documents authenticated by the consul?

The Consulate authenticates translations of English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English if the translation (prepared by a translator or by the applicant) shall be used in Hungary.

Attention! We do not translate documents. In order to authenticate English language translations, they must be complete and accurate.

You can submit your application for authentication either in person (by appointment) or by post.


What documents do I need to submit to have the translation authenticated?

  • You should submit the original document together with the translation. Please note that during the authentication procedure the original document will be attached to the translation. In case you do not want the original (certificate, diploma, etc.) to be attached to the translation you are also required to send a copy of the document. Should you wish to have the copy authenticated as well, please mention it in your cover letter and include the corresponding sum in your payment authorization.
  • Applicants should present valid proof of ID (ID card, passport, or driver's license) when attending the appointment. If the application is sent by post, a copy of proof of ID should be enclosed.
  • Should you wish to submit your application by post, please send a cover letter requesting diplomatic legalization, and including your contact details.
  • The consular fee should be paid by card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), or please complete this form for the payment authorization. Fees vary, so please make sure to check with us beforehand.


How can I schedule an appointment?

To book an appointment, please contact us at the following email address with your request and a short explanation of your case:


What is an Apostille and how do I request it?

Hungary and the United States of America are member states of The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. A document having an "Apostille" certificate will be directly accepted in Hungary without needing any further legalization by a Hungarian representation. You can have your signature authenticated by any public notary, then ask your local Secretary of State to attach the "Apostille" certificate to the document.