Here is a sample of the United States Press' coverage on Hungary:


OANNHungarian foreign minister praises President Trump's Middle East peace accords
Jack Posobiec, September 18, 2020


OANNForeign minister says Hungary's relations with U.S. never better
Jack Posobiec, September 18, 2020


National ReviewViktor Orban’s Mandate
Michael Brendan Dougherty, August 20, 2020


American GreatnessDefending ‘New Europe’ from Old Europe’s Woke
Clark S. Judge​, August 8, 2020


The National Interest: How Nationalism Overcame History In Eastern Europe
Aram Bakshian Jr., July 5, 2020


The DiplomatCentral and Eastern Europe Is Not in Bed With China
Andreea Brînză, July 3, 2020


Geopolitical Intelligence Services: 100 years of Hungary’s dictated peace
Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, June 17, 2020

Atlantic Council New Atlanticist BlogIn Central Europe, a nationalist bullet dodged
Dan Fried, June 9, 2020


ForbesThe 100 Safest Countries In The World For COVID-19
John Koetsier, June 5, 2020


Washington TimesTreaty of Trianon, a Hungarian tragedy
Ákos L. Nagy, June 4, 2020


National ReviewThe 82-Day Dictatorship
Michael Brendan Dougherty, May 26, 2020


U.S. News & World ReportHungary's Orban Says He Could Give up Extra Powers in Weeks
AP, Wire Service Content, May 15, 2020


CEPAHungary in the Dock?
Kurt Volker, April 29, 2020


American ConservativeWhy The Media Pounced On Poland And Hungary’s Coronavirus Measures
Anna Wellisz, April 24, 2020


SpikedHungary is not a dictatorship
Ágnes Zsófia Magyar, April 21, 2020


American GreatnessWhy the Double Standard With Hungary?
John Fonte, April 20, 2020


Atlantic CouncilLife in Hungary during COVID-19
Bálint Ablonczy, April 17, 2020


National ReviewHungary's ‘State of Danger’ Will Save Millions of People from the Coronavirus
Balázs Orbán, April 17, 2020


The European ConservativeHungary at War with COVID
Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, April 14, 2020


CNNInterview with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó
Christiane Amanpour, April 9, 2020


American GreatnessRumors of the Death of Hungarian Democracy Are Vastly Overstated
Szalai Zoltán - Szánthó Miklós, April 8, 2020


American ConservativeThe Situation With Viktor Orban
Rod Dreher, April 6, 2020


National Review: Soft Authoritarianism Comes to Hungary
Will Collins, April 3, 2020


National ReviewHungary’s Emergency Law Is Flawed — But It Doesn’t Herald ‘Dictatorship’
John O'Sullivan, April 3, 2020


Church MilitantOrbán Slammed by Leftists Again
Joseph Enders, April 2, 2020


NewsmaxHungary Only Declaring State of Danger, No Lockdown on Society
Fred Lucas, March 27, 2020


New York TimesFree Pizzas, Free Housing: Hungarians Respond to Crisis With Acts of Kindness
Reuters, March 23, 2020


Wall Street JournalThe Unsung Pioneer of Handwashing (Ignaz Semmelweis)
Lindsey Fitzharris, March 19, 2020


Washington PostEva Szekely, celebrated Hungarian swimmer and Holocaust survivor, dies at 92
Emily Langer, March 4, 2020


Joint Chiefs of StaffReadout of Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John E. Hyten's Meeting with Hungarian Chief of Defense Lt. Gen. Ferenc Korom
Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Public Affairs, February 28, 2020


OANNHungary Backs Trump Administration’s Middle East Peace Plan
Jack Posobiec, February 9, 2020


Washington Times: Hungarian foreign minister blasts 'liberal media,' defends democratic record
Ethan Epstein, 2020. február 6.


Catholic News Agency'No international right to abortion' says HHS Secretary
CNA, January 17, 2020


Washington TimesHHS Secretary Alex Azar says 'no international right to abortion'
Christopher Vondracek, January 16, 2020


Lifesite‘No international right to abortion’: Trump admin health secretary warns foreign health leaders
Lianne Laurence, January 16, 2020


Bocskai Rádió Cleveland: Bemutatjuk Lovassy Zoltán KCSP ösztöndíjast
Éva Szabó, December 28, 2019


Bocskai Rádió Cleveland: Tiszteletbeli konzulok a magyarok szolgálatában
Éva Szabó, December 22, 2019


Bocskai Rádio Cleveland: Snétberger Ferenc és tanítványai Washington, DC-ben koncerteztek
Éva Szabó, December 22, 2019


The Middle East Media Research Institute: Hope In Budapest, Last Stand At Tell Tamer
Alberto M. Fernandez, December 17, 2019


Washington Examiner: Democrat threatens to use Radio Free Europe against democracy
Richard Carlson, December 12, 2019


WVLA-NBC33/WGMB-FOX44 (Baton Rouge, LA): ‘We work together’ | Livingston Parish natives honored with Hungarian government’s Gold Cross of Merit, second-highest award for civilians
David Gray, Dec 10, 2019


CNNKing of confectionery: The man who created Hungary's birthday cake
Carole B. Rosenblat, December 6, 2019.


Interviews with Ms. Katalin Novák, State Secretary for Family Affairs and Youth of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities during her visit to Washington, DC:

One America NewsHungary Rolls Out Massive New Program To Support Marriage And Families
Jack Posobiec, December 5, 2019

Washington TimesHungarian official touts efforts to country's boost birthrate
Christopher Vondracek, December 5, 2019

Catholic News Agency: 'If we give up our Christianity, we lose our identity,' says Hungarian minister
Matt Hadro, December 5, 2019


V4 News AgencyFormer US Congressman stands up for Hungary
V4NA, December 3, 2019


SpectatorHungary isn’t afraid to call ‘Christian persecution’ what it is
Marlo Safi, December 2, 2019


VosIzNeiasJewish Communities Returning To Their Origins In Budapest’s Quiet Western District
JTA, November 27, 2019


Daily SignalCriticizing George Soros Is Not Anti-Semitic
Dennis Prager, November 26, 2019


Catholic News AgencyInternational Conference on Christian Persecution convenes in Budapest
Courtney Mares, 2019. november 26.


DevexTo direct more funding to Christians, USAID looks to Hungary
Michael Igoe, November 25, 2019


Economic StandardHungary Squares the Circle of Globalization
Erik Sass, 2019. november 25.


CNNA 'no-brainer Nobel Prize': Hungarian scientists may have found a fifth force of nature
Ryan Prior, 2019. november 23.


BreitbartHungary Grants Special Status to Orthodox Jewish Group
Thomas D. Williams, 2019. november 19.


The Jewish VoiceDiscover the Hidden Heritage Treasures of Jewish Budapest, Hungary
Meyer Harroch, 2019. november 13.


USAIDThe United States and Hungary: working together toward recovery in Northern Iraq
Sajtóközlemény, 2019. október 25.


Washington TimesHungary refutes reports that its prime minister 'soured' Trump on Ukraine
Dave Boyer, 2019. október 22.


NewsmaxHungary Rejects Wash Post as 'Fake News Factory'
John Gizzi, 2019. október 22.


One America News NetworkInterjú Gion Gábor pénzügyekért felelős államtitkárral 
Jack Posobiec, 2019. október 18.


Epoch TimesElections in Poland, Hungary Deliver Split Decision
Christopher Hull, 2019. október 17.


New York PostWhy Western elites should stop lecturing Hungary
Sohrab Ahmari, 2019. október 2.


Center for Security PolicyHungary, Brazil Foreign Ministers Host Breakthrough U.N. Panel Decrying Persecution of Christians, Need to Act
Sajtóközlemény, 2019. szeptember 29.


FOX 11 WVAH/ABC 8 WCHSWest Virginia, country of Hungary agree to explore economic partnerships
Danielle Dindak, 2019. szeptember 25.

NBC News Channel 3 WSAZPartnership with Hungarian companies bringing jobs to West Virginia
Brendan Tierney-Amanda Barren, 2019. szeptember 24.

CBS 13 News WOWKHungary wants to do business in West Virginia
Mark Curtis-Adrienne Robbins, 2019. szeptember 24.

ABC 3 WHSVHungary, West Virginia sign economic agreement
AP, 2019. szeptember 25.

West Virginia Government, Office of the GovernorWest Virginia and nation of Hungary sign formal agreement to enhance economic relationship
2019. szeptember 24.

The Charleston Gazette-MailJustice enters WV into memorandum of understanding with Hungary
Jake Zuckerman, 2019. szeptember 24.

MetroNewsState, Hungary sign economic MOU
Jeff Jenkins, 2019. szeptember 24.

West Virginia NewsW.Va. signs memorandum of understanding with Hungary
Conor Griffith, 2019. szeptember 24.

Assoiated Press (AP)Hungary, West Virginia sign economic agreement
2019. szeptember 25.

U.S. News & World ReportHungary, West Virginia Sign Economic Agreement
AP, 2019. szeptember 25.

Baltimore SunHungary, West Virginia sign economic agreement
AP, 2019. szeptember 25.

Orlando SentinelHungary, West Virginia sign economic agreement
AP, 2019. szeptember 25.

Centre Daily TimesHungary, West Virginia sign economic agreement
AP, 2019. szeptember 25.


Jewish News SyndicateWhat is the real story behind Judaism in Hungary?
Sean Savage, 2019. szeptember 23.


Tea Party 247Hungarian Prime Minister Drops A Truth Bomb About What’s Behind The “Sickness Of Europe”
Tea Party 247, 2019. szeptember 9.


The American ConservativeViktor Orban Among The Christians
Rod Dreher, 2019. szeptember 9.


BloombergGlobal Stock Outperformer Hungary Is Now Even More Attractive
Gulyás Veronika-Krystof Chamonikolas, 2019. augusztus 28.


Jewish Telegraphic Agency2,300 Jewish athletes gather in Budapest for European Maccabi Games
Cnaan Liphshiz, 2019. július 30.


FOX NewsHungary takes bold steps to boost birthrate
Tucker Carlson, 2019. július 29.


The FederalistTo Save Itself From Population Collapse, Hungary Offers Couples $35,000 For Having A Third Child
Emma Elliott Freire, 2019. július 23.


CNS NewsHungarian Minister: ‘Our Constitution Starts With the Word God,’ Christianity Preserves Our Nation
Liam Sigler, 2019. július 23.


The Hill TVHungarian Foreign Minister: Why we love Trump
Rising with Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti, 2019. július 23.


Financial TimesHungary hails Ursula von der Leyen as it seeks to mend EU ties
Aime Williams, 2019. július 19.


Washington DiplomatHungarian Embassy Unveils Business Promotion and Development Campus
Jared Gans, 2019. július 15.


Wall Street JournalMotion and Illusion
Emily Ferguson, 2019. július 11.


Fox NewsTo reduce illegal immigration, Hungary provides foreign aid – US should consider this approach
Cal Thomas, 2019. július 11.


Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation Will Hungary Save the West?
Charles G. Mills, 2019. június 19.


American ThinkerThe 630 Year-Old Reason Eastern Europeans Dislike Islam
Raymond Ibrahim, 2019. június 15.


BreitbartExclusive: Families More Important Than Economic Growth, Says Hungarian Govt on Launch of New Pro-Child Policy
Chris Tomlinson, 2019. június 7.


The FederalistPolitical Correctness Blinds Us To The Causes Of Anti-Semitism
David Harsanyi, 2019. május 29.


Life Site‘Christian worldview’ drives Hungary’s stunningly successful pro-family policies: Minister for family
Bree A. Dail, 2019. május 22.


FOX NewsFox's Brian Kilmeade praises Hungary's far-right leader Viktor Orban for extreme actions he's taken to stop refugees
Brian Kilmeade, 2019. május 21.


Washington ExaminerEurope's liberals hate Viktor Orbán for one reason: He's more popular than them
Ryan Girdusky, 2019. május 16.


Daily CallerMeet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
Tim Pearce, 2019. május 15.


American ConservativeIn Trump-Orbán Summit, Populism's Critics Have a Chance to Grow Up
Will Collins, 2019. május 14.


Washington TimesHungary important U.S. ally
Frank Koszorus, Jr., 2019. május 14.


Washington TimesOrban in Washington
April Foley, 2019. május 12.


Claremont Review of BooksHungary and the Future of Europe
Christopher Caldwell, 2019. április 30.


Daily SignalHungary Is Key to Shoring Up NATO Alliance
Helle Dale, 2019. április 19.


UPIHungary will lead NATO's Baltic Air Policing next month
Allen Cone, 2019. április 18.


Fox NewsHungary's top diplomat praises Trump on NATO push, contrasts against Obama-era lecturing
Adam Shaw, 2019. április 16.


Public DiscourseBeyond the “Fanaticism of the Center”: Giving Poland and Hungary Their (Qualified) Due
Daniel Mahoney, 2019. április 14.


Washington PostWith fleet fingers, pianist Dénes Várjon brings German classics to life
Tom Huizenga, 2019. április 14.


Fox28 NewsOhio, Hungary sign deal pledging economic cooperation
AP, 2019. április 8.


Hollywood on the PotomacHungarian Affair!
Janet Donovan, 2019. április 7.


i24 NewsInterview with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr. Péter Szijjártó
Dan Raviv, 2019. április 4.


The American SpectatorLucky Day for Liszt Lovers
Roger Kaplan, 2019. április 3.


The Washington TimesThe Hungarian Resistance
Clifford D. May, 2019. április 3.


Speech delivered at the Migration Conference in BudapestDemocratic Self-Government or Mass Migration? Choose!
John D. Fonte,  2019. március 23.


U.S. coverage of the 'Making Families Great Again' pro-family conference held in Washington, DC on March 14, 2019

EWTNKatalin Novak, Hungary's Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, tells us about her country's initiative to bolster parents, children and family values
Lauren Ashburn’s Nightly News, 2019. március 14.

TownhallHungarian Official Discusses How the Country Is Empowering Young People To Start Families
Lauretta Brown, 2019. március 15.

NewsmaxHungary's Family Minister: 'On the Right Path' With Pro-Family Agenda 
John Gizzi, 2019. március 15.

Christian Post'Make Families Great Again': Hungary seeing more babies, fewer abortions through pro-family policies
Samuel Smith, 2019. március 17.

CRUXHungarian minister ‘convinced’ pro-family outcomes are linked to policy
Jacob Comello, 2019. március 26.

National Catholic RegisterHope in Hungary: Abortions Down, Marriages Up, Families Valued
Victor Gaetan, 2019. április 2.

American GreatnessYour Family Can Save Our Civilization
Sebastian Gorka, 2019. április 3.


Breitbart News exclusive interview with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Péter Szijjártó

Part 1EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Backs Trump’s Wall: ‘Border Protection An Obligation of the State’
Jack Montgomery, 2019. február 9.

Part 2EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Blames Brussels for Brexit, Will Do ‘Huge Harm’ to EU
Jack Montgomery, 2019. február 10.

Part 3EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Rejects Mass Migration, Prefers Social Cohesion, Pro-Family Policies
Jack Montgomery, 2019. február 11.

Part 4EXCLUSIVE – Hungary: EU Wrong to Push Aside Christianity and National Identity, ‘Parallel Societies’ Dangerous
Jack Montgomery, 2019. február 12.


Atlantic CouncilEngaging Hungary Is Good for US Interests and Values,
Damon Wilson, 2019. február 10.


CNNThe 'Hungarian Gaudí': Architect Ödön Lechner in 4 buildings
Jennifer Walker, 2018. december 17.


CNNDestination Budapest: 10 things to do in Budapest during the winter
Nathan Kay, 2018. december 11.


Modern AgeViktor Orbán and the Hungarian Resistence
Lee Congdon, 2018. ősz


Washington DiplomatHungary Launches New Business Promotion and Development Campus in D.C.
Chiara Vercellone, 2018. november 28.


Washington TimesUkraine's Hungarian minority threatened by new education law
Pablo Gorondi (AP), 2018. november 14.


The American ConservativeThe Debt the World Owes Hungary
Doug Bandow, 2018. október 25.


First ThingsA House Built on Sand
Benedict Kiely, 2018. október 25.


The American SpectatorHungary Standing Strong Against EU's 'Revenge,' 'Blackmail,' Says Foreign Minister
Victor Gaetan, 2018. október 11.


National Catholic RegisterHungarian Foreign Minister: We Want a Christian Hungary, a Christian Europe
Edward Pentin, 2018. szeptember 14.


Washington Times'No submission to Islam'. Viktor Orban outlines explicitly conservative goals for Hungary
Daniel Pipes, 2018. augusztus 13.


EWTNInterview with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo
Raymond Arroyo, 2018. augusztus 9.


Forbes: Youth Are Kicking Up The Quality And Diversity Of Hungarian Wines
Tom Mullen, 2018. július 9.


Silicon Republic10 brillian start-ups from Budapest to watch
John Kennedy, 2018. július 5.


New American: Soros Demands EU Sanctions on Hungary for Resisting Migration
Alex Newman, 2018. július 3.


Breitbart News’Migration is not a fundamental human right’ – Interview with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó (full interview)
Amanda House, 2018. június 27.
Part 1: Hungarian Foreign Minister: 'We have a special responsibility' to protect persecuted Christians
Part 2: Hungary backs Salvini's 'gamechanging' move to shut port for migrants, brands EU leaders all talk
Part 3: Hungarian Govt says 'hypocrisy and political correctness' on migration enabled terrorism
Part 4: Hungarians warn U.S. illegal migration can't be controlled without 'strong' border
Part 5: Foreign Minister: No one could say 'Hungary First' before Trump's rise

The American Spectator: Good Timing for a New Improved European Friendship
Lee Cohen, 2018. június 15.


Washington Times'Natural ally': Hungary leads fight against anti-U.S. 'hysteria' in Europe
David Sands, 2018. május 31.


Washington Times'Stop Soros Bill' puts spotlight on Budapest-born financier
David Sands, 2018. május 31.


The Daily Signal: Why the US Must Befriend Hungary's Populist Leader
Mike Gonzalez, 2018. április 11.


The Daily Caller: The Real Threat To Democracy Isn't Voters Turning Right
Scott Greer, 2018. április 10.


Spiked: Orban's Victory: Another Blow to the EU Oligarchy
Frank Furedi, 2018. április 9.


CNN: Going to Hungary? 11 things to know before your vacation
Robin Marshall, 2018. április 2.


Global Atlanta: Atlanta Attorney Parkerson Knighted for Service to the Hungarian Government
Phil Bolton, 2018. március 31.


U.S. News & World ReportWhy Is the U.S. Interfering in Hungary's Election? 
Peter Roff, 2018. január 22.


PoliticoHungarian minister: We prefer Trump to Obama, or Europe
Katy O’Donnell, 2018. január 20.


Washington TimesTop Hungarian official ties tax cuts to increased marriage, fertility rates
David Sherfinski, 2018. január 16.


ForbesSample Hungary's Excellent Wines While In Budapest
Tom Mullen, 2018. január 8.


U.S. News & World ReportHungary, Poland Demand Bigger Say in EU, Reject Its Migration Policy
Marcin Goclowski, Krisztina Than, 2018. január 3.


Fox NewsOn taxes and immigration, look to Hungary
Cal Thomas, 2017. szeptember 7.


Washington TimesOn taxes and immigration, look to Hungary
Cal Thomas, 2017. szeptember 6.


Huffington PostFrom Empire to Modernity: A Pragmatic Hungary
Michael Jacobsen, 2017. augusztus 2.


Heritage FoundationWhy This European Leader Is Embracing the Trump Presidency
Mike Gonzalez – Maiya Clark, 2017. július 21.


CNNKatinka Hosszú: 'Races are settled before swimmers enter the pool'
Henry Young – Christina MacFarlane, 2017. július 20.


CNNWorld Aquatics Championships: Hungary's love of water polo
Christina Macfarlane – Jonathan Sheves, 2017. július 13.


New York PostHungary begins building second portion of its border wall
Chris Perez, 2017. február 27.


Georgetown DishMake Way For The Hungarians
Janet Staihar, 2017. január 23.