17 Nov


This year the Budapest Energy Summit (BEST 2020) goes virtual on December 1, 2020. The leading regional energy conference creates a unique one-stop-shop for all interested in the policy and economic developments of the energy industry in Central and Eastern Europe, together with their Transatlantic dimension. Aimed to provide a comprehensive picture of the state of the energy sector in light of the pandemic and the climate emergency, the full-day conference will cover recent trends and future plans in energy diversification, decarbonization, energy transition, clean power production, and energy storage in the region.

Speakers include Hungarian foreign affairs and energy industry leaders, European Union leaders, and a diverse group of industry top executives active in the region, such as ExxonMobil, Tellurian, and Gazprom. World-renowned experts, such as chairman of the CERAWeek Energy Conference Daniel Yergin of IHS Markit; László Varró, Chief Economist, IEA; and Kevin Book, Managing Director, ClearView Energy Partners LLC contextualize the discussions that will also cover regional pipeline projects, such as the Krk LNG terminal pipeline, Turkstream, and plans to bring natural gas from the Black Sea offshore fields. Deputy Assistant Secretary Kurt Donnelly will offer the U.S. policy perspective.

The Conference follows several milestones in Hungary’s energy diversification efforts. With the long-term capacity bookings of MVM Hungarian Electricity Works Zrt.’s and another Hungarian company, MET, Hungary has become the long-term principal user of the Krk LNG terminal. Hungary also entered a six-year purchase contract with Shell between 2021 and 2027. This is the first long-term LNG purchase agreement with a Western energy company in Hungary’s history. Starting from next year, almost one-sixth of Hungary’s natural gas imports will arrive through the Krk LNG terminal. Hungary supports further regional diversification projects to ensure that natural gas arrives in the country from as many sources and routes as possible.


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