Forbes: Youth Are Kicking Up The Quality And Diversity of Hungarian Wines

10 Jul


According to Robert Smyth’s 2015 book Hungarian Wine, Hungary is the 17th largest wine producer in the world and includes almost 160,000 acres (64,000 hectares) under vine, a decrease of about 30% from production a decade before that book was published. This national reduction in vines partially reflects an emerging, evident focus on excellence in winemaking, rather than adhering to a past paradigm of producing plonk. This represents a mental gearshift diametrically opposed to that of the Soviet era, when bureaucrats cranked out quantity, and tossed a collective wince at any notion of quality.


Hungary has 22 wine regions (five of which clump, like friendly neighbors, around Lake Balaton). Below is a quick exploration of a few better known regions, which include Tokaj, Eger, Somló, various regions north of Lake Balaton, and Villány. Click here to read Tom Mullen's article in Forbes published on July 9, 2018.