Hungarians takes great pride in the personal recognition of all of our Nobel Laureates, Olympic Medalists, musicians and artists, and other celebrities whose efforts help to make the world a better place. 

Below is a list of prominent and famous Hungarians and Hungarian Americans. This list is not exhaustive.


Acs, Gedeon (Ács Gedeon, 1819-1887): reformed priest, military camp pastor, captain, memoir author.

Aich, Clara (Aich Klára): art photographer.

Antal, Nimrod (Antal Nimród, 1973-): film director, screenwriter, actor.

Apatini, Jules (Apatini Gyula, 1922-): architect, designer, performing artist, reporter.



Bako, Elemer (Bakó Elemér, 1915-2000): Hungarian specialist of the Library of Congress.

Barabási, Albert-László (1967-): network theory physicist.

Bartok, Bela (Bartók Béla, 1881-1945): composer, concert pianist, folk music collector.

Bay, Zoltan (Bay Zoltán Lajos, 1900-1992): physicist.

Beer, Janos Miklos (Beér János Miklós, 2019): chemical engineering professor (MIT), Lowry Award recipient (2003), refugee of the 1956 Revolution, who helped Raoul Wallenberg rescue Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary.

Bekesy, Georg von (Békési György, 1899-1972): Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist (1961).

Biro, Laszlo (Bíró László József, 1899-1995): inventor of the modern ball-point pen.

Breuer, Marcel (Breuer Marcel Lajos, 1902-1981): modern architect (Bauhaus) and furniture designer.

Brody, Adrien (1973-): actor, film producer.

Brody, Alexander (Bródy Sándor, 1933-): businessman, writer, marketing expert.


C, Cs

Capa, Cornell (Friedmann Kornél, 1918-2008): photographer.

Capa, Robert (Friedman Endre, 1913-1954): photographer.

Curtis, Jamie Lee (1958-): actress.

Curtis, Tony (Schwartz Bernard, 1925-2010): actor.

Curtiz, Michael (Kertész Mihály, 1886-1962): film director.

Cukor, George (Cukor György, 1899-1983): film director.

Csonka, Larry (1946-): American football player, fullback (Miami Dolphins, 1968-1974, 1979; Memphis Southmen, 1975, New York Giants, 1976-1978), Super Bowl VI and VII champion (1972, 1973), Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (1987).

Csupo, Gabor (Csupó Gábor, 1952): animator (Simpsons, Rugrats), director.



Dohnanyi, Ernst von (Dohnányi Ernő, 1877-1960): conductor, composer, pianist (Florida State University).

Dohnanyi, Christoph von (1929-): conductor (Cleveland Symphony Orchestra).

Dorati, Antal (Doráti Antal, 1906-1988): conductor, composer (Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra).



Erdos, Paul (Erdős Pál, 1913-1996): mathematician.

Eszterhas, Joe (1944-): writer.



Fabriczy, Michael Kovats de (Fabriczi Kováts Mihály, 1724-1779): Hungarian nobleman and cavalry officer, who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, in which he was killed in action. General Casimir Pulaski and MIchael Kovats are together known as the "Founding Fathers of the US Cavalry."

Falk, Peter (1927-2011): actor (Lieutenant Columbo).

Fejedelem, Clayton Daniel (1993-): American football player, safety (Cincinatti Bengals, 2016-).

Fox, William (Fried Vilmos, 1879-1952): filmproducer.

Friedman, Milton (1912-2006): Nobel-prize winnig economist (1976).



Gabor, Dennis (Gábor Dénes, 1900-1979): physicist, inventor of holography.

Gabor, Zsazsa (Gábor Sári, 1917-2016): actress, socialite, celebrity..

Galamb, Joseph (Galamb József, 1881-1955): engineer of Ford T Model.

Gati, Charles (Gáti Károly, 1934-): political scientist, professorial lecturer of European studies (Johns Hopkins University SAIS).

Gedeon, Benjamin (1994-): American football player, linebacker (Minnesota Vikings, 2017-).

Gogolak, Charlie (Gogolák Károly Pál, 1944-): American football player, placekicker (Washington Redskins 1966-1968, New England Patriots 1970-1972).

Gogolak, Peter (Gogolák Péter, 1942-): American football player, placekicker (Buffalo Bills, 1964-1965; New York Giants, 1966-1974).

Goldmark, Peter Carl (Goldmark Péter Károly, 1906-1977): developer of the LP record (long playing microgroove vinyl phonograph disc) and one of the fathers of color television.

Grove, Andrew (Gróf András, 1936-2016): businessman, engineer (Intel Corporation).

Groza, Louis Roy (1924-2000): American football player (The Toe), placekicker and offensive tackle (Cleveland Browns, 1946-1959, 1961-1967), Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (1974).



Halas, George (1895-1983): American football player, coach, owner (Papa Bear, Mr. Everything), founder and owner of the Chicago Bears, one of the co-founders of the National Football League (NFL) in 1920, one of the first 17 inductees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1963).

Halmos, Paul (Halmos Pál, 1916-2006): mathematician.

Hamori, Eugene (Hámori Jenő, 1933-): Olympic gold medalist in fencing (1956), professor emeritus of biochemistry (Tulane University).

Haraszthy, Agoston (Haraszthy Ágoston, 1812-1869): father of Californian wine-making.

Hargitay, Mariska (1964-): actress (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

Hargitay, Mickey (Hargitay Miklós, 1926-2006): body builder, Mr Universe (1955), actor.

Harsanyi, John (Harsányi János, 1920-2000): Nobel price winning economist (1994).

Hawn, Goldie (1945-): actress.

Houdini, Harry (Weisz Erik, 1874-1926): illusionist.

Hrabosky, Al (1949-): baseball player (The Mad Hungarian).



Irsay, Robert (Irsay Róbert, 1923-1997): professional football team owner (Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts 1972-1997; Los Angeles Rams briefly in 1972).



Karman, Theodore von (Kármán Tódor, 1881-1963): physicist, aerospace engineer.

Kemeny, John (Kemény János, 1926-1992): computer scientist.

Kiraly, Karch (1960-): volleyball player, member of the Olympic champion U.S. National Team (1984-1988, 1996).

Korda, Alexander (Korda Sándor, 1893-1956): film director.

Kornel, David (Dávid Kornél, 1971-): former NBA player of the Chicago Bulls (1999-2000), Cleveland Cavaliers (2000), Toronto Raptors (2000-2001), Detroit Pistons (2001).

Kosar, Bernei (1963-): American football player, quarterback (Cleveland Browns 1985-1993; Dallas Cowboys 1993; Miami Dolphins 1994-1996), Super Bowl XXVIII champion (1994).

Kovacs, Ernie (1919-1962): comedian, actor.

Kovacs, Laszlo (Kovács László, 1933-2007): cameraman.

Krencsey, Marianne (Krencsey Marianne, 1931-2016): actress.



Lang, George (Deutsch György, 1933-2011): chef, restaurateur.

Lantos, Tom (Lantos Tamás, 1928-2008): congressman (U. S. House of Representatives).

Laszlo, Andrew (László András, 1926-2011): Emmy Award-winning cinematographer (Rambo, Shogun, The Man Without a Country, The Warriors).

Lax, Peter (Lax Péter, 1926-): mathematician.

Lichtman, Al (Lichtman Alexander, 1888-1958): motion picture industry businessman, occasional film producer (United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 20th Century Fox).

Lorre, Peter (Löwenstein László, 1904-1964): actor.

Lugosi, Bela (Lugosi Béla, 1882-1956): actor.

Lukacs, John (Lukács János, 1924-2019): professor emeritus of history (Chestnut Hill College, PA), author.

Lukas, Paul (Lukács Pál, 1891-1971): Academy Award winning actor (Watch on the Rhein, 1943).



Marai, Sandor (Márai Sándor, 1900-1989): writer, journalist.

Marton, Kati (1949-): journalist, writer.

Medwick, Joe (1911-1975): baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals 1932-1940; Brooklyn Dodgers 1940-1943; New York Giants 1943-1945; Boston Braves 1945; Brooklyn Dodgers 1946; St. Louis Cardinals 1947-1948), Baseball Hall of Fame inductee (1968).

Mike-Mayer, Steve (Mike-Mayer István, 1947-): American football player, placekicker 1975-1980 (San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Colts). He player college football for the University of Maryland.

Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo (Moholy-Nagy László, 1895-1946): painter, photographer.

Nagy, Matt (1978): American football player, quarterback, head coach (Chicago Bears, 2018-).



Namath, Joe (1943-): American football player, quarterback (New York Jets, 1965-1976, Los Angeles Rams, 1977), Super Bowl III champion (1969), Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (1985).

Németh, John (1975): electric blues and soul harmonicist, singer and songwriter.

de Nemethy, Bertalan (Némethy Bertalan, 1911-2002): cavalry officer in Hungary, who later became the show jumping coach for the United States Equestrian Team.

Neumann, John von (Neumann János, 1903-1957): mathematician, one of the fathers of the modern computer.



Olah, George (Oláh György, 1927-2017): Nobel Prize-winning chemist (1994).

Onczay, Csaba (1946-): Kossuth Prize-winning cellist.

Ónodi, Henrietta (1974-): artistic gymnast, Olympic champion (1992, gold and silver medals)

Ormandy, Eugene (Ormándy Jenő, 1899-1985): conductor, violinist (Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra).



Pataki, George (1945-): former Governor of New York.

Pavlics, Ferenc (1928-): NASA scientist, who designed and developed the Apollo Lunar Rover.

Peterffy, Thomas (Péterffy Tamás, 1944-): entrepreneur. Founder, chairman, and CEO of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., which played a pioneering role in developing the electronic trading of securities. According to Forbes he is the richest Hungarian and the richest person in Florida.

Plachy, Sylvia (1943-): photographer, mother of Adrien Brody.

Popper, John (1967-): blues musician and songwriter (Blues Traveler).

Pulitzer, Joseph (Pulitzer József, 1847-1911): journalist, publisher, founder of the Pulitzer Prize.



Rakoczy, Gregg Adam (1965): American footbal player, center (Cleveland Browns, 1987-1990, New England Patriots, 1991-1992).

Ramone, Tommy (Erdélyi Tamás, 1952-2014): rock musician, drummer (Ramones).

Reiner, Frederick "Fritz" (Reiner Frigyes, 18888-1963): prominent conductor of opera and symphonic music. He reached the pinnacle of his career while music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Rozsa, Miklos (Rózsa Miklós, 1907-1995): composer.


S, Sz

Sakal, S Z (Szőke Szakáll, eredetileg Gerő Jenő, 1883-1955): actor.

Schneier, Arthur (Schneier Artúr, 1930-): Senior Rabbi of Park East Synagogue, Founder and President of Appeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF).

Seles, Monica (Szeles Mónika, 1973-): tennis player.

Serly, Tibor (Serly Tibor, 1901-1978): violist, violinist and composer.

Shula, Don (Don Shula, 1930-): American football player, defensive back (Cleveland Browns, 1951-1952; Baltimore Colts, 1953-1956; Washington Redskins, 1957), defensive coordinator (Detroit Lions, 1960-1962), head coach (Baltimore Colts, 1963-1969; Miami Dolphins, 1970-1995), Super Bowl champion (Miami Dolphins: 1972, 1973), Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (1997), who still holds the NFL record for most career wins as a head coach (347) and for the only perfect season (Miami Dolphins: 1972).

Simmons, Gene (Witz/Weitz Chaim, 1949-): rock musician (KISS).

Simon, John (Simon János Iván, 1925-): literary, theater, and film critic.

Simonyi, Charles (Simonyi Károly, 1948-): computer software executive, developer of the Excel program.

Sinor, Denis (Sinór Dénes, 1916-2011): Professor Emeritus of Central Asian Studies (Indiana University).

Solti, Sir George (Stern György, 1912-1997): conductor (Chicago Symphony Orchestra).

Soros, George (Soros György, 1930-): financial speculator, investor, philantropist.

Starker, Janos (Starker János, 1924-): cellist, Distinguished Professor of Music.

Szell, George (Széll György, 1897-1970): conductor, composer, pianist (Cleveland Symphony Orchestra).

Szeleczky, Zita (Szeleczky Zita, 1915-1999): actress.

Szilard, Leo (Spitz Leó, 1898-1964): physicist.

Szorenyi, Eva (Szörényi Éva, 1917-2009): Kossuth Prize-winning actress.



Tabori, Les (Tábori László, 1931-2018): Hungarian middle and long distance runner, best known for equalling the 1500 metres world record and placing 4th in that event at the 1956 Summer Olympics. Later he became a trainer of running in California.

Teller, Edward (Teller Ede, 1908-2003): physicist.



Udvar-Házy, Steven F. (Udvar-Házy Ferenc István, 1946-): businessman, CEO of Air Lease Corp., philantropist (see: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center).



Vajna, Andy (Vajna András, 1944-2019): film producer.

Vittadini, Adrienne (1945-): fashion designer.



Weismuller, Johnny (Johann Peter Weissmüller, 1904-1994): actor.

Weisz, Rachel (Weisz Ráchel, 1970-): British-Hungarian-American actress, wife of British actor Daniel Craig (1968).

Wiesel, Elie (Wiesel Lázár, 1928-2016): Nobel Peace Prize-winning writer, professor.

Wigner, Eugene (Wigner Jenő, 1902-1995): Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist (1963) and mathematician.

Wurtzler, Aristid von (Würtzler Arisztid, 1925-1997): Hungarian-American harpist, composer, leader of the New York Harp Ensemble.


Z, Zs

Zeisel, Eva (Striker Éva, 1906-2011): industrial designer (ceramics).

Zukor, Adolph (Cukor Adolf, 1873-1976): film producer, founder of Paramount Pictures.

Zsigmond, Vilmos (Zsigmond Vilmos, 1930-2016): cameraman (The Deer Hunter; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; The Witches of Eastwick).