21 May

The prime ministerial commissioner in charge of minority protection and autonomy stressed the importance of the European Parliament elections for the future of ethnic minorities in Washington DC, after participating on Saturday at an annual Hungarian picnic and Scouts Ball.

“In the course of my conversations here, I feel that the local Hungarian community is also making preparations for the elections, because it’s important to them how the fate of Europe will be shaped in future,” Katalin Szili told MTI.

She said it was “essential” for as many Hungarians living in the United States as possible to get out and vote for a Europe in which its nation states want to preserve their history, culture, traditions and Christian identity.

“American Hungarians know from experience how different multilingual Europe is from the monolingual melting pot of America,” Szili said.

“We are not for a United States of Europe,” she added.


Source: MTI-Hungary Today, May 20, 2019