17 Oct

Between October 6-8, the US-Hungarian Business Council (USHBC) organized their fifth annual business delegation to Budapest, during which 11 American companies had the opportunity to hold meetings with the highest level government representatives in Hungary. Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in his remarks following the meeting, summarized that the US companies showed great appreciation towards Hungary's economic protection action plan, in the framework of which 16 companies are to invest 37.3 billion forints in the country, saving nearly 13,000 jobs. US firms are the second-largest group of investors in Hungary, being represented by more than 1.500 companies employing over 100.000 Hungarians.

Eric Stewart, President of the USHBC highlighted the importance of the predictable, stable, and transparent investment and business environment in Hungary, further emphasizing the value of high levels of political stability in today’s age. Due to the right steps the Hungarian Government is taking, the Hungarian-American relations have never been as good as they are today - he added. In the president’s view, the key issues at the moment are the economic challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. These challenges notwithstanding, Hungarian-American economic relations have remained outstanding, mainly thanks to the smooth cooperation with the Hungarian Government.