12 Dec

Celebrating 30 years of freedom and the restoration of democracy in Hungary, the Embassy of Hungary organized an official unveiling ceremony of a Memorial Plaque at the Kossuth House at 2001 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in Washington, DC on Friday, December 6, 2019 to commemorate the historic role of and recognizing the legacy of the Kossuth House in the service of the Hungarian American diaspora.

Mr. Gabe Rózsa, Chairman and Executive Director of the Kossuth Foundation expressed his hope that the Hungarian American organizations will find common ground under the roof of the Kossuth House and move their headquarters into the offices in the building, and the Kossuth House may become once more the center of social and cultural life of the Hungarian diaspora.

His Excellency Ambassador László Szabó, M.D. emphasized that we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the regime change and restoration of democracy in Hungary, with a new momentum in the bilateral relations in 2019. He stressed the historic role the Kossuth House played in the life of the Hungarian American diaspora. The building served as an unofficial Embassy of Free Hungary during Communism until 1989, and it continued to be the symbol of faithfulness to the Homeland and the New World.

The Honorable Zsolt Németh, Chairman of the Hungarian National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee underlined the significance of the unification of the Hungarian nation and the importance of national cooperation in the future. As part of the ceremony, Zsolt Németh presented Chairman Gabe Rózsa a Hungarian national flag, flown over the Parliament in Budapest, and a donation letter sent by The Honorable Dr. László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly. Chairman Zsolt Németh also accepted a flag of the United States, flown over the US Congress, from Chairman Gabe Rózsa. Both flags will be displayed at the Kossuth House.

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